GarageSale Good News!

I just thought I would post a note of “Praise” and “Thanks” from a Very Happy and Satisfied Customer!

I have been using GarageSale since version 4 in 2008.

I was an Apple and Macintosh Software Engineer for over 25+ years, from 1980 until 2007…
Then I retired and now I sell electric trains on eBay.

I use GarageSale EVERY DAY, all Day Long! And it WORKS GREAT for me!!! Thank You!

I currently have over 10,400 Templates and over 3000 Auctions in my GarageSale database.

I create about 500+ new templates per month.

I MANUALLY START all my listings, between 600 and 1000 new item listings per month, I DO NOT use the Scheduler.

I usually have between 500 and 800 eBay listings (All Buy-It-Now with Best Offer, NO Auctions) running at any one time.

Thanx a bunch for a GREAT Application!

Florida, USA

Thanks for the kind words. We don’t get to hear those very often. :wink:

I am another daily user of GarageSale, though nowhere near the level of Neal. Posting to eBay would be much less productive and a lot harder without GarageSale. It is great to have an application like GarageSale that is dependable and “just works”.

Thanks from me, too.