GarageSale Image File Size

Is the following intended?

I have the following file
Misc-4-Scan 795.jpg which I dragged from Finder in GS7

I then dragged the same image from GS7 back onto my desktop:


And the file size has been reduced by 50% from 72Kb to 36KB. If I then used this image again in Ebay it would probably fail.


David, That is interesting. I just tried the same thing, I use Lightroom for picture resizing on export, the pic that I choose was 2163 x 2039
36 AM

I noticed the size mine went to when I dragged it to the desktop >>
34 AM

is the size that I have for my Preference size in GS Pref here>>>

I don’t know if this is the issue for you also. Just an observation on my part. Good luck. Vickie

I think you nailed it Vickie.

Mine was set to Ebay picture service.

Changed it to GS free service and it is approximately the same size.

Thanks for your help.


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That’s awesome! :+1: Glad I could help…now to see if I can figure out this eBay Business Policies Opt In/Opt Out thing that is making me absolutely insane this week :sweat_smile::triumph::rofl:

When dragging a file from the preview, you are not getting the file GarageSale is sending to eBay. Instead, you get a downsized file which is used for previewing the listing.

You can get size information about the original image by right-clicking the image in Editor mode. However, what version of the file is uploaded depends on your image server preferences.

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Plenty of things in it to drive me insane
Eg. Let’s start with the spinning wheel.


David, What folder hierarchy do you have your photos for the auctions in?
Mac HD > Users > Home (user name) > Pictures > (your pics)

Also, what size is the memory on the computer you are using?

I think GS7 needs around 2GB to work properly. One of the reasons I finally bought a new iMac is that my old iMac was an (early ed. 2009) and I had to run GS6, no room. I also keep ALL my files on a 1000GB external drive. The external drive is a must in my opinion.

No problems with memory. 16 Gb

Not quite sure what you near by folder hierarchy. Maybe as below:

Have 18000 items and I do not think I go above 3 levels of grouping.

41 pm

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