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I’ve been using Photobucket to host images embedded in my auctions. Today I’ve had a message from them saying that to continue doing so I need to upgrade to a Plus 500 plan. This appears to cost almost $400 a year!!! There is no way I can afford anything like that so I’m wondering if anyone could suggest a free image-hosting service. I need only a few megabytes of server space since I never have more than 20 auctions on the go at any one time.

@attima GS hosting is a good and extremely cheap solution. I paid the year subscription for nearly 30 €. It is really affordable (and I hope durable too), in my opinion you should take it in consideration. Free rarely or never means durable and safe…

@fedege96 Thank you for your suggestion. Using GS hosting, is there a way of embedding images in the auction description, for which I need the image html embed code? How/where do I find this?

Welcome @attima
Uhm do you mean just inserting images in description as thumbnails? If so, sure of course, just drag and drop!

@fedege96 Thank you for your quick reply. Here’s an example of what I want to achieve:

I’ve tried dragging the images from the Finder (I’m using a Mac) and also from GS’s media library into the body of the description but that doesn’t seem to work. Do you have any suggestions?

You are welcome @attima . Now I see, you mean a sort of photo-text-photo-text disposition, am I correct? If so, in my opinion you should try to use the footer section in preference panel. Create your own “fixed” html text and add it. It will be displayed at the bottom of the listing, then for items images you should be able to drag into your listing in GS. If that’s the matter, that drag and drop doesn’t work, wait for technical support.

You first have to select a design and layout. You can then drag images onto the “Drop Zones”. Please see the help here:

Regards, Kristian

That’s very helpful, thank you Kristian. I’ve looked into inserting Drop Zones. Is there a way of positioning them so that they appear within the description, as in I would like to reproduce this specific layout, which I’ve created as my template.

As a secondary question, how can I access the GS hosting server to delete images for expired auctions?

Best wishes


They are deleted automatically after a fixed number of days from expiring date, you cannot access GS hosting.

P.S. A little bit off topic, but I wanted to make you aware that for reason I cannot understand your listings are not visible from there (.it), you seems to have 0 active listings…

Thank you, @fedege96, for that information. I’m a bit worried that my auctions are not visible in Italy. I don’t know why that would be. They are listed on

Having done some more research I’ve discovered that if necessary I can probably use my Microsoft OneDrive account to replace Photobucket.

I’m still hoping, though, that it will be possible to use GS hosting, as you suggested. That, though, will depend on whether there is a way to move Drop Zones to where I want them in my template. I will wait and see if Kristian or anyone else can help me with that.

Best wishes


Hello @attima

Actually it is a quite common problem I saw different times. Make sure you set international shipping worldwide. Also logging into you seem to have 0 active listings. As written, I know many UK seller I follow whose listings are not visible from here… it may be a problem considering the good you sale…


I still don’t understand if this need is for item photos or for other “secondary” photos like the aenigma logo, the envelope picture and so on. In my opinion you should use GS hosting for item’s photo, then for those others images (logo, …) just put them somewhere like photobucket and add the link where you need in the master template, so you won’t need to do it every time.

Hope this will help

Federico, I’d like to do just as you suggest: use Photobucket/OneDrive for the logo and shipping picture, and GS hosting for the item photos. But I want to position the item photos in the item description, as illustrated by the Bardot auction link. But I can’t work out how to configure the Drop Zones to match my template. Does that make sense?

Thanks for your ongoing interest and suggestions.


Hello Philipp,
ah now I see!! Well, if you did not find that position as Kristian illustrated (in the pop-up window right to “live” button in top bar) I am afraid it is not possible… or probably it is but making some manual changes in the template code, maybe using the GS template utility. But that’s arabic for me…


Is there a way of configuring Drop Zones to match my template? Please let me know.

Thank you and best wishes


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