GarageSale iOS - WebDAV 405


please help me. My lovely tool GarageSale for iOS does not work.

When I upload my auction i get the error „Webdave could not create file 405 not allowed“

Please see attachment.

When I use eBay picture service I get the error internal error.

Please help me


Hi Jeanne_dArc,

I am sorry to tell you that GarageSale Touch for iOS has been discontinued several months ago.

It’s not compliant to newer eBay policies and changes. No matter what image service you select, uploads to eBay won’t work any longer.
If you have a Mac, you might want to switch to GarageSale for Mac:
It’s compliant to all eBay policies and changes.

Regards, Kristian

Ok, but for two or three weeks it worked absouluty fine. It looks your WebDAV server is changed something :-/

I don’t like to work on a PC or MAC with ebay. Do anyone have tips for a new application. The ebay original app is not really one of my favorites.

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