GarageSale Launch Control

Attached is the result of starting multiple auctions within a few minutes of each other. Whilst it is not a bad option having multiple windows for a small number of auctions. It is a bit hard to manage as the number of popup windows increase.

What would be the odds of having a tablulated format where each additional auction list gets added to the table till it is closed? Each auction list would have the single “start Listings”

OR Somehow allow dispense with the overlaying of all the boxes so that all are visible?


That’s very strange! I guess you use a old version, since the newest close automatically the launch control if the listing was correctly started. Make sure you use the 7.0.10 version…

(if there is one error the launch control does not close on its own, obviously, so you can check it)

Does the option “Close automatically on success” help?:

Regards, Kristian

Yes, Kristian and fedege96. It does.

It was unchecked in Preferences.

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