GarageSale listing items in wrong categories

We’ve reported this via email multiple times now, but the problem continues to this day. We’ll list an item on eBay and then discover that it is listed in an entirely wrong category from where GarageSale was told to list it. Updating the eBay categories data DOES NOT help, but that is always the response from the GS support staff. We have some categories that have had this problem consistently for more than a year now.

Here is an example, we just listed two 30-day BIN items under:
Coins & Paper Money > Coins US > Proof Sets (ID 41109)
Yet once uploaded the items now state they are under:
Coins & Paper Money > Bullion > Gold > Other Gold Bullion (ID 3360)

As far as we can figure out, the category ID numbers are correct in GS, but for some reason, when the item is uploaded, it is telling eBay an entirely different category ID.

We have more than 1000 items typically listed on eBay. It is unreasonable to expect us to have to check each one and individually change the category IDs from within eBay’s website. This problem needs to be fixed once and for all, and soon!

We are running a licensed version of GarageSale version 6.9.7 (625) under OS X 10.11.3.

Same issue with the following category:
Coins & Paper Money > Coins World > North & Central America > Bahamas (ID 162168)
Yet once uploaded the items now state they are under:
Coins & Paper Money > Bullion > Gold > Other Gold Bullion (ID 3360)

Even stranger is that while new U.S. Proof Sets are being miscategorized today, older listings continue to post under the right category.

Another long-running example is a 7-day auction we’ve being running under two categories.
Coins & Paper Money > Coins U.S. > Commemorative > Modern Gold (1984-Now) (ID 179534)
Coins & Paper Money > Bullion > Gold > Coins (ID 177652)
Yet once uploaded the item no longer appears in the second category at all. However, this is actually an improvement over six months ago when the second category would be switched to:
Coins & Paper Money > Coins: US > Errors (ID 524)

Creating new listings with TWO categories may not be working at all. Just tried with a silver coin and it only showed one category after uploading:
Coins & Paper Money > Coins U.S. > Quarters > America the Beautiful 2010-Now (ID 171526)
Coins & Paper Money > Bullion > Silver > Coins (ID 177653)

Only the first category shows on the listing posted at eBay.

BTW, these issues are all happening with the U.S. eBay. We do not list on eBay in other countries.

ADDENDUM: Two categories does still work for some new listings. For example:
Coins & Paper Money > Bullion > Silver > Coins
Toys & Hobbies > TV, Movie & Character Toys > Batman

The best approach to fixing is trying to log the listing process on your Mac, send the log to eBay and ask eBay what’s going on. Please follow these steps to generate a log:

  1. Quit GarageSale
  2. Download and extract the archive
  3. Open and Run the “Enabled logging” script
  4. Restart your Mac
  5. Start GarageSale and list an item that you assume would end up in the wrong category
  6. If the item was listing in the wrong category
  7. Download and extract another archive from
  8. Run the contained script. It should compose an e-mail in with all relevant log files.
  9. Change the receipt address of the create e-mail to the e-mail I’m sending you in a private message (because of the spam bots crawling this forum).