GarageSale Listings Finished(Ended), item still for sale on Ebay

Hi, forgive me if this topic has already been covered before.

According to GarageSale several of my listings have ended and are now marked in grey. However, when i look at the listing in Live mode, the listing is clearly still active, the item is still for sale. Any thoughts on this bug, how to correct it and any upcoming fixes? I tried [control] open GarageSale and Rebuild Indexes and Find orphaned Listings followed by Update Listings, and no changes anywhere.

Hi dreamturtle,

refreshing your eBay access token in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts and selecting “Update All Listings” from the “Listing” menu is the first thing you should try.

Are these GTC listings?

Regards, Kristian

Yes that works! My Ebay access token was expired (invalid), so i refreshed it and selected Update All Listings and everything is back to normal thank you! Yes they were GTC Good Til Cancelled Listings. All makes sense now, although it would be nice if GS threw a notification to let me know my access token had expired :slight_smile:

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