GarageSale new Licensing/subscription model

I see this has been discussed quite a bit but discourse closes/locks threads after a short period of inactivity so I have to create a new one I guess. I just opened my GarageSale app for the first time in a long time and got the GS8 update notification… so sorry I am late to the party but I don’t use the app often.

I’m a very occasional private ebay seller. I purchased GarageSale 7 and occasionally maybe once or twice per year do a batch of listings as I am trying to de-clutter my house/office.

Often I will list 60 items at a time. Usually week-long listings. I am not blowing stuff out at super low prices, so maybe only 10-15% of my items will sell and the rest get re-listed. This means in a given month when I am selling it might looks like:

Week 1: 60 listings start
Week 2: 51 listings start (relistings)
Week 3: 43 listings start (relistings)
Week 4: 36 listings start (relistings)

190 listings in a month

So obviously GarageSale 8 won’t work for me. However as I am an occasional, non-commercial ebay seller… the idea of paying a subscription fee for something I am not using most of the year is also crappy. This is also why I am still using Adobe CS6 MasterSuite (which I bought retail) and looking at transitioning away from Adobe altogether in preparation for eventually being forced into 64bit only mac land (stuck on Mojave until then).

I would have preferred that iwascoding instead offered a partitioned feature set (pro vs personal) instead…for instance functionality related to ebay stores which generally will only be used by high volume commercial sellers could be “pro” features. The new model assumes that if I am doing over 50 listings per month that I must be some big seller and doesn’t take into account that most people don’t have a small “garage sale” every month…but they have one big garage sale per year.

The only features I care about in GS are:

  • listing templates (e.g. standard footer text)
  • integrated FTP and basic photo management (drag and drop to upload photos and connect to listing)
  • saved auction settings (template again) for shipping/etc so I don’t have to manually enter it over and over again in ebay’s terrible interface.

I guess I am a minority and I don’t expect iwascoding to change their licensing/subscription approach for me… so I am trying to figure out if there is a solution here or if I just need to accept that the software I bought (GS 7) and used for a couple hundred listings since 2016 will also have to be replaced with something else. Maybe at some point they consider having a GS lite that includes the main features to help us “garage sale” type private sellers (ie working around stupid ebay interface stuff for auctions/buy-it-now/best-offer settings). It is pretty dumb to pay a subscription for an app I use maybe once per year.


  1. I assume I can use GS7 but that at some point it will stop working due to ebay API changes and lack of updates from iwascoding. Or has this already happened and I am forced to make a decision on GS8 before I can do more listings? Has been over a year since my last batch of listings I think.

  2. How flexible is the subscription model? As I only use GS to do a batch of listings once or twice per year…if I am forced to do subscription model I would probably just add the subscription and then cancel it the same month after doing my listings. This would be akin to the people that only occasionally need photoshop for projects (few times per year) and they just pay for the CC subscription in the months where they have projects that require the app. Pretty dumb this assumption that just because you use photoshop sometimes that you are using it every month. Not everyone is a professional graphics designer.

  3. Are relistings counted against my quota of 50 listings?

  4. Is the quota based on listings done via GS or total listings/relistings in my ebay account for the month?

I was told that you can do the GS8 upgrade and do pro for the months you do over 50 listings and dial it down to the Single User License $39.99 fee for the rest of the year. How that is done the GS team will have to answer. You will like the auto relist feature in GS8 to do your type of selling. It can be set to relist as soon as the item doesn’t sell to automatically put your listings back up.

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