GarageSale Not Opening

I’ve been using GarageSale with no issues on my mac - today I closed it to restart my computer and it gave the notice about finishing the last task and then will close… but the spinner kept spinning so after 5 or more minutes I just had it skip and quit.
Now I cannot get GarageSale to open. The icon bounces once or twice when I click it, but then stops without opening.
I’ve re-downloaded the latest version (8.3) again and reinstalled it and it still won’t open.
Mac is running Mojave (need to update…) but info says 8.3 runs on 10.12 and higher it was running with no issues on it before this evening
I have the pro version subscription.

Any insight on what might be causing this or how I can troubleshoot?

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I have also just updated my desktop Mac (Catalina 10.13.6) to GS 8.3, and it crashes with a crash dialog when I launch it.

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same error on 10.13

let’s hope there is a quick bug fix release

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Same error here on Mojave 10.14.6

Same here on 10.14.6.
Sorry that I did not test the BETA versions, the crash happens on all of them, too (I checked out Beta 1, 3, 7, 8 now…) Next time I will help with the BETAs again, sorry, too much work at the moment…

Tested on Two Macs with 10.14.6

Crash Report on 8.3 (final) part here:

Process: GarageSale [953]
Path: /Users/USER/Desktop/GarageSale
Identifier: com.iwascoding.garagesale8
Version: 8.3 (1261)
Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
Parent Process: ??? [1]
Responsible: GarageSale [953]
User ID: 502

Date/Time: 2020-12-18 10:09:44.016 +0100
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.14.6 (18G103)
Report Version: 12
Anonymous UUID: 1932354C-4569-005B-3F2E-968DF7F4C47C

Time Awake Since Boot: 1600 seconds

System Integrity Protection: disabled

Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue:

Exception Codes: EXC_I386_GPFLT

Termination Signal: Segmentation fault: 11
Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 0xb
Terminating Process: exc handler [953]

Thanks for the fast fix of the startup-crash-problem! Good work!

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