Garagesale > Preferences > New Listings, Payment Not Working


Can’t seem to pick or choose my preferences for Payment under

Garagesale > Preferences > New Listings


Is it because we all have to use the default and its understood already by the program?

This is probably a layout bug. What version of macOS are you using?

Also, we’ll be removing all this payment settings soon, as (almost?) everybody is now on managed payments. As I understand it, there are only some certain categories left, where accepting direct payments from customers is possible.

Makes sense. I think 99% of people are on Managed Payments and probably 100% of GS users are on Managed Payments by now.

Thanks ilja.

Hi, Im still using
High Sierra / 10.13.6

Could that be why?

Planning on moving to a new Mac soon just want to get this GS9 upgrade fully done with all images back and stuff before making the transfer.

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