GarageSale Pro Login and PW Issued


I believe this is the best way to get support to help out with this issue. I have tried numerous time to reset my PW for garagesale pro and have tried 5 different emails (none of which were registered) to create a new account. I am willing to pay again for the annual service and you can refund me after as I need to be up and running to sell items. Please contact me at the email in my profile so we can resolve or call the number in profile. I appreciate it.

Sean Mayer

I just replied through our support channel and sent you a “Reset Password” email.

Hope this helps,


I once again tried what you had mentioned, and I am getting the same response…please see pictures attached to the support email.

Do you have a backend to check which email works? Likewise, to reinstate or offer a new license code? I have tried legitimately everything including uninstalling using different versions etc. I really need help to fix this can I have someone call me so I can get some clarification on the issue?

Maybe reinstate a new license as the last one is causing troubles. I already paid for the full year subscription so this shouldn’t be an issue.


just replied to your support request after resetting your password. Please use the email/password combination I wrote to you, as they are working here. Make sure you have the current version of GarageSale.

If this still not work there must be something wrong with your connection to our server. Do you use a network proxy or a firewall?


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