GarageSale Scout release date

Have a rough idea when you will have it ready for beta testing?

We are giving Apple’s Test flight beta distribution a try for the first time. Let’s see how long the approval ping pong with the Apple reviewer takes this time.

On the page below under “Using TestFlight as a Beta Tester” you will find a short explanation on how to use TestFlight. If you send me your email address (off-list) then I will send you an invitation. Once apple releases the beta you will be able to test it.

Let get it moving :slight_smile: I got 500 parts I need to scan and photo this week. Give me the app so I can try to break it.

You should have received an invitation from Apple by now.

Yep, got it and installed. Check out the app. Mystuff2 Pro. With that said, I understand the why and purpose of your app, I definitely appreciate the simplicity in its design. But… I would add some features to make it more of a “tool” to use with GS7.

First is design intention:

From the overall feel, I would guess this a inventory support tool. Imagine the guy who goes to garage and looks at all crap he needs to sell. So, he is not interested in making a listing on his phone.

Same in point for liquidation sellers, or overstock.

Ok. with a understanding of the above mentioned (if i am correct)

Immediate assessment:

  1. A “QTY” field is a must. especially for your powerusers
  2. a “SKU” field with a TITLE COPY OPTION, consistent with GS7.
  3. Image requirement. You cant do a listing without a photo. however, I understand that some user with use the app to scan barcodes on their products and use stock photos. so a idiot button is required. :slight_smile:

So typing as I think, how will you handle the users who photo, scan barcode their products and want to mass update file information from csv or excel. I,e price cost product description. The only option I see is to work with the SKU, so info auto updates in GS7. But to make is more user friendly for new users or those users who do not have SKU, Scout can pre populate numerical value in the SKU field. and on the CSV file it would be time efficient just to match up those fields.

Or better yet, an entirely new field in GS7 and scout. Just for listing order. and to match up products across platforms. just a rough thought.

Let me know your thoughts

No, sorry, that’s not what GarageSale Scout is meant for. :cry:

It’s purpose is far more humble: Quickly take images and/or barcodes of one-of-a-kind items without polluting your iPhoto stream and having to wait until iCloud photo sync has finished.

You request for an inventory management tool is very valid, but for us building such a tool would only make sense once we have the synching backend for GarageSale in place.

Is it possible to get an invite to the Scout beta?



you should receive an invitation in the next few hours (from Apple).


Thanks Paul, all received and operational.

First comments…

It would be really good when taking photo’s to have a ‘next photo’ button. As you have click ‘Use Photo’ then click ‘Plus’.

Also be good to have a ‘Lock Orientation’ button, given you can’t rotate an image in the App yet.

You have to be patient when clicking ‘Back’ after taking your last photo or it looses it. It appears you have to wait until your photo you’ve taken has appeared in the list before clicking back.


Also when importing listings from GarageSale Scout - you have to select each listing one-by-one, I can’t see a way of bulk selecting.


Thank you for your feedback.

Added this as a feature request. But this needs us to completely reimplement the photos part of the app as we currently use the Apple way (and there is no way to change it).

Thanks, added a ticket to fix this.

Created a ticket to fix this, too.


One more…

Is it possible to have a ‘delete on import’ option, so once the listing is imported into GarageSale its removed from Scout.


Yes, this was already on our feature list :slight_smile:

hi I also have a pile of stuff to photograph and scan - I have emailed you but not had a reply so please can I have an invite as I am running GS7 full time now - thanks! (


did not get your email, but just added you to the list of testers.


Thanks Paul - now used it - have a little feedback if there is a link to report it?

If still testing can I an invite please.