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What’s the current status of GSScout? Is it no longer supported? No plans for an upgrade? If so, any suggestions for a GS compatible mobile app?

I’ve been using GSS to save a few steps in uploading photos to listings, but it’s often unreliable and loses them/crashes. I love it when it works, but can be frustrating to have to retake on the 12th photo.

Rob H.

The only problem I have had with it is when importing the listing into GS, it often brings both the photo and a thumbnail of it. I hope it will continue to be supported; it is my first step in creating listings

Are these photos that you made with iOS “Camera” app and later selected these photos in GarageSaleScout
did you make these photos directly from within GarageSale Scout?

Regards, Kristian

90% of the time I take the photos within GS, but not always; nor does it always happen, do I would have to test it…

I was asking because I think this issue only occurs if you select photos in GSScout that were taken from within the camera app (not from inside GSScout).
We’ll try to have a look at this issue but please note GSScout currently does not have highest priority on our to do list.

Also, did you already discover the new “Take Photo” feature in GarageSale 8?
On macOS 10.14 Mojave and higher GarageSale supports the “Continuity Camera” feature. Use your iPhone to take a picture of your product and it appears instantly as a new image in your GarageSale listing.

Maybe this works better for you than GSScout.
Regards, Kristian

I was just about to list some music cd’s, figured I’d see what this app does. Maybe I’ve missed something. All it did was import the barcode number, which doesn’t pull any information at all either into the app or when imported into garagesale. It’s literally just the barcode number. I’m not entirely sure what purpose that serves, I would have assumed it would pull the Title of the CD at least. I tried 6 CD’s, all just pulled a barcode number and literally nothing else.

those same CD’s when using ebay’s own app pulled Titles/Catergories/Format etc…which is what I thought barcode scanner with these kind of apps are for?

*update. It worked on a book, and pulled all info. However it won’t work any of the CD’s I’m trying, these are all major label distributed cd’s, not obscure independant artists.

But when you then list it, eBay has the barcode: aren’t the rest of the details filled in from that? Good luck selling CDs, I’ve never managed to get more than $2 for anything other than foreign or OOP .:persevere:

“But when you then list it, eBay has the barcode: aren’t the rest of the details filled in from that?”

Here’s what happens. I picked a smaller label classical cd to test.

the Garagesale Scout scanned/recognised barcode will output this:


PRODUCT field being the barcode number

Once imported to Garagesale this is what the output is: (the right side of photo is cut off on this preview, click to see everything)

as you see, no specifics, no titles, nothing at all except the barcode.

using eBay’s own barcode scanner, the first output from the barcode scan gives me this. So actually 2 different outputs to choose from.


I assumed this was the purpose of the app.

If you’re suggesting that additional info is all pulled during the actual act of listing and only visible after the listing has started, that’s pretty useless. For most people it’s the act of typing out Titles for listings that we try to automate, hence barcode scanning.

So yeah, it worked with a random book, just not any CD’s I’m putting through it. Weird.

“Continuity Camera?” I did not know about this! Wonderful. I much prefer listing on the laptop anyway vs. using the phone. Basically, 90% of what was using GSS for was simply this. Thanks, Kristian!!

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