Garagesale taking me to random web page

Hi … I have been using Garagesale for a few months now and it has been great BUT this last week while working on it I get taken away from the app to a web page Why is this happening? It is now getting very annoying! Any help with this please? I have just downloaded the latest version and it is still happening. Thanks


This is most likely a flash widget or ad that somebody injected into the eBay web page, probably by buying an ad on the eBay platform.
If you have GarageSale 7 installed, it might help to disable Flash in the GarageSale preferences > General.

Regards, Kristian

Hi, thanks for your response … I have check under preferences and the flash widgets has been unchecked already. This is happening more often while I am working on a listing in editor mode … :frowning:

Does this link open in GarageSale or in your browser (e.g.Safari)?

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