GarageSale Touch won't open after iOS update!

Updated to iOS 8.3 on my iPad & iPhone 6 Plus. Now GarageSale crashes repeatedly on both devices. Downloaded a 2nd GS app & the 2nd app crashes right after asking for your eBay location site.

I have A TON of work in the program ready to go for the next listing sale that (of course) started today. Any help is appreciated, I’m hoping to be able to save this work!!! Thanks.

Hi Greg,

we already uploaded a fixed version to the AppStore. Hopefully Apple will it approve fast.


Hi, I have the same problem, wanted to list loads of prepared listings last night and couldn’t!

Do you have an approximate time frame for the fix?


Hi Klou,

in general Apple needs several days to review updates.
We hope Apple will approve it fast.

Regards, Kristian


as I said we have to hope Apple will release the fix soon. Apple does not tell us how long the review last.


Same issue with me, garage sale crashes on opening the app

What has been the average time for Apple to approve updates?


on this page you can see the average time of approval times: