GarageSale Version


I need to flip back to a previous version. This one is crashing for no reason now.

Running: macOS Sierra 10.12.3

GarageSale 7.0.7 (795)


I looked through a crash report database, but could not find any reports coming from the e-mail address you are using on this forum.

Can you send me your latests crash reports from GarageSale? They should be under Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports.

If yo cannot find that Directory, here is a tool that displays all crash reports nicely:

Hi David, I am also having problems with GarageSale crashing, in particular when I relist unsold items. Have you been able to get the programme stable? And if so, how?
For me, I only started having problems when I upgraded to GS 7.0.6, and it has not improved with GS 7.0.7.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

I confirm the crash while relisting (already informed @ilja about this some weeks ago)

Thank you for your comment. How many other GarageSale users are also having problems with crashing? Either when relisting or at other times when using the programme?

Hi Serena
I really love GarageSale but unfortunately it is the worst performing app on my system. I can hardly think of a version that has not crashed. I just persevere because that is really my only option.

Hi Ilija
Will get onto this. For some reason I did not get your email. I have reset all my preferences to make sure I get re[lies in future.

Hi Serena,

We believe that we fixed your particular bug (relisting with “Move to” option enabled) in this fix release:

Can you please give it a try and let me know if you are still getting crashes when in this scenario.

Hi Ilja,
Thank you for this patch. I’ve tried it out, and it seems to have definitely improve the situation, in that GarageSale did not crash when relisting after installing it. GarageSale still freezes, displaying gaps in the screen, as per the screen shots I have previously sent through to Kristian.
Additionally, any time I close down GarageSale, it always states: “GarageSale will quit as soon as the the currently active operations have finished”.

Hi David,
I agree - GarageSale, when working well, is the best! But it is so frustrating when it’s glitchy. Hopefully all these inconveniences will be ironed out soon.

I hope so too.

Ilya told me that my problems were due to a corrupted database. I am yet to hear from hime how to fix it though.


Hi Serena
I wish I could share your optimism. It concerns me that with every new release something else causes someone a problem. It may just be a data base issue in my case but unless someone can show me how to fix it…

Regards David

I’ll sent you instructions on how to send us more logging information. Maybe this helps us track down this problem.

That’s the intended behaviour. Just click the “Quit Now” button if you don’t want to wait. GarageSale will re-download the data it wasn’t able to fully retrieve during the next run.

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