GarageSale7 & 9 Crashing on Open

I have GarageSale 7.0.21 installed and recently find that it crashes on opening. I installed free version of GarageSale 9.0.5 and initially seemed to have imported database successfully on first use but subsequently crashes in the same manner.

Running MacOS Ventura 13.0.

I was going to re-install GarageSale 7 but wanted to backup my listings but cannot seem to find these either in Library.

Any suggestion appreciated.

In GarageSale 9, do you have enough time to look up your ‘Crash ID’ from the ‘About GarageSale’ panel?

If so, could you please copy and paste it here?

Unfortunately does not stay open long enough, I have triggered a couple of fault logs that Inthi k were sent back to iwascoding; I will see if I can trigger again

Apple Problem Report:

Translated Report (Full Report Below)

What version for GarageSale 9 do you have installed? You can get that information from the Finder’s “Get Information” command.

Version of software is 9.0.5, free test version- hope this helps. But more interested in recovery of 7

Can you execute the following command in the Terminal application and send us the output? You will find the Terminal app in the /Applications/Utilities folder!

defaults read com.iwascoding.garagesale9 anonymousUserIDForCrashReporting

Code returned is: 1846bf968edf2e1589ea096ea9d78d30

Sorry, it seems the crash is happening so early that the built-in crash catcher doesn’t have enough time to post it to the server.

If you are getting a crash report on your Mac, could you try posting it here again. Last time nothing came through. If you can’t post it here, please send it to, referring to this thread.

 Please find attached a copy of the Apple Problem Report

(Attachment Apple Problem Report.docx is missing)

 Apple Problem Report attached

Apple Problem Report.txt (33.9 KB)

The crash log you sent is for GS 7, which we no longer support because it relies on APIs and authentication methods no longer supported by eBay.

Can you send a crash log from GS 9 please?

No crash log being generated but I now find if I switch off internet I can open Garage Sale 7 & 9 - sod please let me know information to retrieve from GarageSale 9?

While it’s true that GarageSale 7 would start when there’s no internet, GarageSale 9 should be fine with or without internet.

What happens if you try starting GarageSale 9 from the Terminal utility. Assuming you have GarageSale 9 installed as “GarageSale 9” on your Mac under Applications, please paste the line below into the Terminal utility (under /Applications/Utilities) and press return. Can please copy the output here afterwards?


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