Seem to be getting lots of these errors today as I try listing items:

GS really slows down then and I have to quit and reopen the App.

Any ideas?


Just to add a bit more. OI found I had some of those ghost listings which I removed at GS startup and GS seems to be behaving better.

I have a big listing day tomorrow to we will see.


We also received these when posting scheduled listings on Sunday. I launched 200 listings and 2 came back with the same message. They relaunched without issue but I suspect a server issue with the GS picture service?

Thanks. I have had dozens of them. After I removed the ghost listings I also found that

  1. I had many items that had lost their groups - or they may in fact be duplicates somehow; And
  2. I had active items in the BIN.
  3. And some of the BIN items had automatic cancellations as a status. Again these appear to be doubles. No wonder my DB has been struggling. I only repaired it last week as well.

Anyway I am taking the plunge and removing both these groups. Looks like another stocktake is looming on 20,000+ items.

Suppose it is fortunate that I am in self-isolation.


Enormous improvement in GS after removing the Ghost listings.

What are “ghost listings”.

These things
You may have them and not know it.


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