Garagesale's Help window needs "Export Inventory" entry!

I recently had to wipe my hard drive, so I took care to back databases, etc. up. When I exported my entire GS inventory by selecting Export Inventory… from the File menu while in Inventory mode, I thought I was exporting all of the items. After reinstalling GS and importing the .gsinventory file, I discovered that only a single item out of ~60 had been exported. Following some experimentation, I discovered that I needed to have highlighted each item in my inventory to actually export each item–items not highlighted are not backed up. I’d interpreted “Export Inventory” as “back up entire inventory,” not “back up the currently selected item”–there is no explanation of what the function actually does in the application OR in the help file.

Two things could’ve helped prevent this (and I think the team should seriously consider adding them):

  1. The wording in the File menu should be either a) “Export Inventory Item(s)…” or b) “Export Inventory Item…” / “Export Inventory Items…” depending on if multiple items are highlighted
  2. A subsection of the GarageSaleManual Help’s Inventory Section labeled–and describing–“Exporting Inventory Items”

(An “Exporting Listings” subsection also needs to be added to the Listings Section for the same reason.)

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