GetAPIAccessRules and listing issue

I got the message (below) while trying to verify templates or start a listing. All 25 of the templates I’m trying to list on eBay were obtaining information from eBay’s servers to pre-fill information for either a DVD movie or music CD. I am unable to list This procedure worked successfully for approximately 100 DVD listings the day before.

Also, I also tried verifying previously successful templates (that did not use any look-up information) and those templates gave me this same message.

Message >>> “Your application has exceeded usage limit on this call, please make call to GetAPIAccessRules to check your call usage.”

There is nothing current on eBay’s System Announcements board related to APIs.

It must have been a temporary eBay issue… 20 mins later, the templates are now verifying and the auctions have been uploaded to eBay successfully.

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