Getting an error 21917158 saying I dont have a payment method

just Today, i started getting a error message, 21917158, saying I dont have a Payment Method listed…
BUT i have Paypal selected, and cash on delivery selected…
It was working perfectly at the same settings a few days ago, when Iisted a dozen items… nothing has changed.

have refreshed tokens. have deselected and re selected paypal… nothing seems to clear this error.

what going on.

any one know how I can fix this frustrating error…

regards, Sadny

Hi Sandy,

please check your payment method for your eBay fees on the “My eBay” website, too. Maybe you have to check/change/re-add missing information there.
If you don’t find the settings there, simply try to start a listings through the eBay web form. They should give you better instructions then.

Regards, Kristian

Hi, an ebay consultant/helper stepped me though re linking, and now all works fine.

I had checked both ebay accounts and paypal accounts, and all appeared fine to me…

but I had done nothing to either my ebay account, nor my paypal account etc, in the mean time… seems ebay just forgot the link.? worked perfectly all last week, but today, threw a hissy fit, and I can figure out why…

anyway, OK now… (till it throws a hissy fit again, but then I will know what went wrong this time.

regards, Sandy