Getting Duplicate error.. on relisting an item?

Just relisted an item that I have not listed on ebay for some time (over two years ago), and got an error message that my listing may be a duplicate… which it definatly is not…

had this error on a small percentage (less than 2%) of recent relistings… I dont think it is a GS problem, but an ebay problem.

still scratching myhead to know why. is ebay tracking my old listings for that long.??




Hi Sandy,

did you double-check that this listing (with the same title) isn’t still available on your “My eBay” site? Maybe you relisted it through the eBay website in the past and it’s still active? Just a guess.

Regards, Kristian

Hi, checked that. no I only list on 30 day auctions and I had not listed that item for years…

regards, Sandy

Maybe it’s just an oddity of the eBay system then. I can understand that this warning is very irritating. You can tell GarageSale to ignore that warning (by right-clicking on the warning message) but I am not sure if you want to do this.

Regards, Kristian

If I didn’t make a mistake typing in the item id from the eBay error message, this is the listing eBay complains:

Is that your listing? Is it related to the listing you are trying to relist?

Hi, yes thats the listing that i managed to relist.

still puzzles me why I got an error message.

regards, Sandy

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