Getting fees for item

What does the “Getting fees for item xyz” do???

Click Select a Smart Group (this one has 2500+ listings, all Stopped/Ended)

Click to Open Smart Group.

Click Select first item. Scroll to end. Shift Click Select last item. (This takes a few seconds, Spindump and Sample attached)

But… REAL ISSUE is now it will do a “Getting fees for item xyz” for each and every listing serially. This will take MANY minutes… All the listings are Ended/Stopped, and are NOT Running/Active. See movie link below.

If I then do a Reveal Original on all selected listings, it will also do a “Verify listing xyz” for each and every listing, but that’s another story… :slight_smile:


Sample of (29.2 KB)
Sample of (62.7 KB) (217.9 KB) (247.1 KB)

From the Sample, it looks like GarageSale is sorting the items contained in the smart group to whatever sorting preference you selected when using table overview the last time.

So, what’s the big deal about it? It only takes 3-6% of a single core performance, so you shouldn’t be able to tell if its running at all (unless you have the activity monitor open).

I understand that this is wasting a few resources, but that’s a tradeoff with easy-to-maintain code.

OK… But is it really necessary to update “fees” for listings that are already stopped/ended??? Since the “fees” are not going change?? :slight_smile:

I’ll move along now…


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