Getting lots of errors when listing

I’m resisting an item (on Ebay Motors) that I used to use a while back. Nothing has changed but now I’m getting tons of errors.

  1. Paypal settings removed (I didn’t change any PayPal settings and I just listed another one that was using the same PayPal account with no issues)

  2. Payment method is missing - It clearly says Paypal, I also changed it to something else but that gives me an error too! My Paypal account is working fine

  3. Category 80653 requires specifics. I tried with specifics and without specifics, with attributes and without and the error doesn’t go away.

  4. Return policy not supported. I don’t accept returns and that section says it on GarageSale

This program is going to drive me to drink!!!
What am I doing wrong??

I agree, all these errors and warnings from the eBay system are very strange.

You said that you was able to start another listing without any (PayPal) error: Did you start that listing from within GarageSale or through the eBay website?

Also, just to make sure, in the options for payments, shipping(!) and returns, do you have a business profile/policy selected?

Regards, Kristian

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