Getting slower and slower

when I started using GS7 (many beta versions ago) I found it was very fast, then I have been constantly increasing number of listings and now I notice that app is getting slower and slower… I do some examples:

  1. In listing order I have a very very long list of active listing, they are all in one folder since I can use each listing just one time. At first I made the mistake of using each listing for more auctions and the app was very fast, now when I click on a listing I have to wait about 5 or more second before it shows contents…

  2. reports are extremely slow to load and when I modify an option (for example time laps) it apparently freeze, then after a while it changes…

  3. doubling listings requires a lot…

Do you think it is my computer fault? It is quite slow (it has about 6/7 years with any modify), but I suppose it is not the real problem since it was very fast at first… maybe the number of listing? But they are not so many, about 700-800 and I must increase with no limits (I have only GTC listings)… what do you think about it?

Thank you

really do not know how you can manage 700 listings with GS :slight_smile:
i think for 500+ listings it will be better to use custom software. GS for me is a “transit point” since i see that too many bugs still here from 6 version and i need some other features like customs printing forms. i’m not from usa or uk and we have completely different postal requirements. also such software had to be more serious about inventory and accounting.
i’m already ordered such software module. yes, it is expensive. but i have control over the bugs and features.

I’m up to 1200+ listings.
I just switched to a newer Mac, the desktop kind.
It all started to look good on day 1, but after day 2 is back to same old beach ball and spinning wheel issue.

Maybe more than 500 listing is probably too much for the software. I’m looking into other ways to reduce the amount of items that I keep up on the application.

Thank you.

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We are using a test database consisting of 120,000 listings (which is around 4 GB data of disk without counting in images). Using this database we worked out all performance issues we encountered.

So, if you are still running into issues, you might be triggering a code path that we haven’t optimized yet, or your Mac is a lot slower than the ones we use. All our Macs have SSDs and at at least 16 GB of RAM.

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@ilja @fedege96 @Mr_Sandman

I’m guessing that we will have to upgrade system to keep up?

I’m pretty sure I’m running 5400 rpm hard drives on both of my machines and both have 8gb of ram.

My 1300+ listing have images (12 images all).

My garage sale database is near 12 GB of data.

Maybe it’s time for you guys @ilja to add images to your test database, images definitely are a game changer, I don’t sell inventory type items I used Antiques so all of my listings are very specific and unique in nature.

There’s isn’t any getting around for me than possibly to switching software product or upgrading to a super-fast mac pc. I need to weigh my options and see what’s the most economical way to go about, I have to spend money to make money :slight_smile:

No GarageSale7’s fault software needs improvement periodically.

I hope that you guys release some preliminary specs on what the software needs in terms of hardware power.

I’ll see what strategy I end-up going with.

Thank you for the support.

Hello People,
I sell antiques and collectibles too so HD images are the most important feature. A medium image is about 40-50 MB. I created about 700-800 listing in one month so I supposte in 1 year I will have at least 10.000. But this is not a limit for me. At this moment I am using GTC listing with only 2 images for each one (they are small, taken with scanner), but as soon as I finish the first stock (postcard) I will start with others (just some examples, ancient books or vintage items need at least 10-15 photo each one). I know I should upgrade my mac, it’s quite old and I am looking to expand RAM, but …

Well, I supposte 16 will be the very best limit for me :sweat_smile: .

What do you mean @ilja ?

This sounds amazing, it will be my motto :joy: really really true…

THE HD picture size is a big problem extending uploads time and CPU loads
This IOS app reduces it to the maximum resolution that Ebay and the most users screens support.
You specify the size of the picture and it sorts it out. This reduces the size of the Image database.
Secondly you should have your own image database online at hostgator or go daddy
Even if your listing is down for a week or two your picture links stay current and you can just reload the auction

This is important as you spread the likelihood of a full data loss in the case of a computer drive failing.

If we see a spinning beach ball while using GarageSale 7, we investigate what’s locking GarageSale up and try to change the code, so the hang lockup goes away. Usually you can add some caches, use a different algorithm or throttle interface updates to make the application faster…

So, if you are still seeing the beach ball a lot, you are probably doing something that we aren’t doing, are you data is very different from the data we test and develop with. Or you Mac is just slow. :wink:



I am not a programmer but I think it’s just a bit too memory for GS. I started working this morning, took that screen at about 14 p.m. , but it is constantly increasing, now it takes 1,28 GB …

I will expand memory, it is in my to do list, and if I don’t do mistakes I will tell you if something chages… but there is a problem. When I told you that it was slow I didn’t mean that it freezes. It just blocks and move jerkily, I very rarely saw the “ball”, or well, there are some spinning beach ball when it moves like a pregnant elephant, but they are not in the screen :joy: anyway I will do it as soon as I receive the 2 new memories and then I will tell you… or there is any other matter (now 1,30 GB of memory but I am doing nothing since I am on the forum)?

Come on, 1,37 GB, who offers more?

Since you talked about working with high resolution images, my assumption is that there’s a memory leak related to image handling.

Is GarageSale’s memory usage slowly, but steadily growing - or are there certain actions that trigger a bigger leap in memory consumption, e.g. selecting a listing containing big images, editing images, rotating images, launching listings?

I noticed it was constantly increasing, both if I list or not use GS. I started this morning with about 500 MB, now it is about 1,50 GB. There are some actions especially jerkily. When I am on a listing and I click on another one active to see its contents it requires several second to show them. However I don’t find any slow action while listing (I fill all fields and start without problem). I don’t modify image inside GS, I do it before.

Hope this helps…

It reached about 1,60 or more GB, I closed it and reopened, now it is only 60 MB.

Definitely poor code 128GB RAM with 2TB SSD but activity monitor is not even moving. Sorry this version of GS is very poor, if it wasn’t for the HTML issues eBay said I had with the last version I would downgrade in a flash.


I find pedalling faster may help… hahahahah

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Nice photo!! Is it yours?

no, sourced by google…

Ah I see :grin:
Anyway, this is a very old thread. Many things changed in the meanwhile and the main problem of the “getting slower” was a old iMac with a poor HD. Now I am using a 2015 macbook pro and running almost 6000 listings, and it is undoubtedly faster and faster than the first beta period (the memory leak is fixed for example). I have to say it is no longer fast as GS 6 was, but it is good also without pedalling :joy:

As a German company, I appreciate your attention to detail when choosing this foto. :wink: