Ghost Image Boxes in 9.3 - Cannot remove

Hi all - 9.3 looks great - though having an issue with these white boxes in the listing that arent coming out - I try the minus button to delete them but they do not leave.

So my question is, is the first image to the right of that the default gallery photo in the listing? Right now I am manually selecting it as the gallery photo whereas before it automatically defaulted to the first photo I uploaded.


Since the Preview mode in your screenshot looks somewhat broken, I guess you are using your own custom listing design or HTML/CSS code in your listing.
These ghost images might be a result of your custom code.

In general try to only use code that is only limited to elements in your listing. Using unique “id”'s is one way to do this.

If you switch to Editor mode, do these ghost listing appear in the image field, too?

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