Ghosts come up in exact searches

I get duplicate listings when I do an exact word search. The first 2 colored boxes are legit in my screen shot the second 4 dotted line boxes are ghosts that go nowhere when they are clicked on. Is there a way to eliminate the duplicated ghosts? Are they a problem to ignore in the database?

They happen for me if I Duplicate a listing in the Search Results. Just like in your screen shot.

Yes. The only way to find them is to then do a Search again, and then Delete Listing. They will then end up at the Deleted Listings folder.


I tried duplicating from a search and got the original and the new one as expected. These ghosts are showing up all over the place and I am not making them. They only show in a search and not in the original folders of listings. see my screen shot of the folder

Yes. But when I then select the newly created listing, and close X the Search box, nothing is selected. They are “are ghosts that go nowhere when they are clicked on”.

Yes, that is the same behavior that I see…


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