God till cancelled

HI there
After suggestions.

I need to easily define the small number of ‘Good Till Cancelled’ records that exist in my 12,000 records. Ideally the ability to change the colour of the title would be great but I do not think this is possible.

Smart Groups is not really suitable as the only time option I can see is the number of days left.

Anyone got any ideas?


Hi David,

the smart group
duration > is > 1000
should do the trick.

(“1000” = GTC)

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian.

You are correct that this Smart Group works.

Now I have the problem as to where to find the item because:

  1. The Search function does not allow for sorting and I may have > 1000 in the group at any one time.

Any other thoughts? Colour would be the ideal option.


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