Going Non-Paypal Messed Me Up?

I probably should not have done this, but I did. :frowning:

Today, I made the move from PayPal to my bank account. Ever since I did that, I have had various error messages pop up.

Re: The orange errors: I removed Paypal from the Payment Info Boxes, but it’s still giving me the Paypal error. Does this error mean I should not have any Payment box?

Re: Red errors: I’m not sure how to redo the profile. I took the PayPal info out of the ACCOUNTS preferences, and refreshed the token, but GS won’t let me go until I put in a PayPal email address.

Help, Mr. Wizard!

I have been on ebay managed payments since aug 15. After a few months I tried to remove the PayPal profile but GS was not having it. I don’t use PayPal and haven’t since Aug 15 but I can only list if I have the PayPal listed as the payment option. I get the yellow warning that “paypal is not applicable for managed payments” which I ignore and click list. Only way GS still works. I think you have to re enter the PayPal profile.

That’s true. There’s no specific payment option for eBay’s managed payment yet so you have to select any other payment method, e.g. PayPal. eBay will ignore theses settings and return a message on listing start. You can ignore that message and start the listing anyway.

In general it should be no problem to use ebay Managed Payments with GarageSale.

Regards, Kristian

Hi, @kristian

So my original problem is still a problem.

What could be wrong?

I can ignore the yellow messages, but the red ones – which are most of mine right now, does not go when I try to ignore the errors.

You need to select a payment profile as @rlmartin already mentioned.

This is how eBay’s business policies work. More about that in the help here:

Regards, Kristian

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