Good 'Til Cancelled item(s) not renewed

Hi, I’ve been receiving emails from eBay saying that my Good 'Til Cancelled item(s) not renewed.

The reason is because “Listing(s) weren’t renewed because the site or category no longer supports multi-SKU items for GTC listings.”

So, I go into GarageSale to relist these items and when editing the variations I am told that I have to specify a unique SKU for each variation which is exactly what eBay is saying is no longer supported.

Please can you provide some help/advice as I have had about 100 listings end so far which I can’t relist at the moment.

Many thanks in advance

Hi Phil,

it might be that the specific category no longer supports variations at all.
What category and eBay site is this?

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian

Thanks for your quick reply. It is in the UK and the category is Art > Art Prints. This category still supports variations as far as I’m aware - if I try to relist the item manually it seems fine, I have not actually clicked the ‘list with displayed fees’ button to make it go live but the preview etc works fine with variations.

I have just spoken to eBay on LiveChat and they have confirmed that variations are still fully supported in this category and the person I spoke to thinks it may have been a technical issue and cannot locate a reason why there were ended.

I cannot relist them via GarageSale though as it is insisting that I use a unique SKU for each variation but the emails from eBay say multi-SKU’s are not supported.

Confused lol

Update - I tried relisting manually and it has worked fine with multiple SKU’s for each variation

Thanks for the update, glad to hear it finally worked.

Regards, Kristian

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