Good 'Til Gones keep ending

I completely updated and relisted all of my client’s items because he manually relisted them in ebay, breaking my GarageSale functions. I had to switch over to eBay server for images because he needs Good 'Til Gone, and was also able to implement an inventory number for each using the SKU, which is great - thanks, ija.

They’ are ending as “Unsold” anyway - this is the second group I had this problem with.
Additionally, on this one it looks like the image links down in the description are broken as well (not the upper gallery).

I hope that’s a link? ^^^^ It doesn’t make sense images aren’t showing up in eBay, since they’re on their server…


It seems that listing was originally listed using GarageSale’s paid GTC image hosting option.

The listing ended, a few days afterwards we removed the images to make room on our server.

Then the listing was re-listed using something else then GarageSale, so the image links inside the description didn’t get replaced by newly uploaded images - as would have happened if the re-listing was done through GarageSale.

I’m sorry, Ija - I must have forgotten to include the screen shot where you can see it was set as Good Til Cancelled, but ended, anyway. This has happened to 2 groups of items. I would probably never have caught the image problem if that hadn’t happened!

Yes, I originally used 30 day listings to save him money on images, but he decided he wanted Good 'Till Cancelled and went ahead and relisted them. It was a huge headache because he hadn’t checked his invoices in months. I had to weed back through all of his invoices and match up what had sold - for three different clients!

So I completely redid ALL of his auctions. In the meantime you helped me figure out how to apply inventory numbers and I was able to navigate to the original images through the templates. I must have just missed this one.

I learned a lot :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ija

eBay just recently killed a couple of GTC listings if the seller didn’t add a MPN number before a certain date. Happened to our own listings, in which we sell GarageSale licenses on eBay, too.

Excuse me for OT, I don’t find any result for GS in eBay, just some manuals, any license… did you set international shipping for your listings?

There you go:

Very strage, if I look for “garagesale” using search engine I don’t find it…

Thanks ija
We use sku numbers we set manually, just so we know which consignor the
item belongs to.

Why or how would I use an MPN, since we don’t have part numbers on antiques
and collectibles?


Just add it to the title as me and lots of other seller do (for antiques and collectibles). I spent time to study how to organize my archive, I think you should do it evaluating your needs. Then, when you find a MPN useful and not too long, add it at the end of the title, it will be really useful when you sell a specific item and you have to package it.

Thanks fedege96 -

My understanding is that MPNs are for branded items, which antiques and collectibles aren’t…

But we still needed an inventory number, and decided on SKUs. It helps us index by client on the seller page, which is basically the only distinction we make between listings. Today, anyway :slight_smile:

I didn’t want to manually add a number to the title or body.

Welcome :slight_smile:
I see, so you are looking for an automatic serial number, right? Or something like that to find quickly the specific item in your archive. I cannot help you, I just use SKU with consignors’ names and a code in title to recognize sold items (or to look for them if I have to close or modify that listing)… but I am interested in anything more useful, I hope someone else could help…

Thanks, fedge96

No - I was only asking because some of my GTCs were being “ended” by eBay. Ija replied:

I was just trying to clarify why I needed an MPN - since I had to look it up in the first place!! :slight_smile:

I think I use my SKUs just like you do - There’s nothing automated about it - it’s not a vast inventory.

We make a master inventory for each client and assign numbers which I enter manually into GS.

I use an abbreviated client name with a three digit number since they haven’t numbered more than 100. For our Beverwil client I use BEV_001. We can then filter them on eBay’s Seller Page column. They can’t be filtered anywhere else, as far as I know - not even in GarageSale. (If anyone knows different, I’d love to hear)

How are you generating the code or label you put in the title? and why do you do both?

Ah now it is clear! So I think it is something important to know also for me since I only use GTC and the idea of seeing closed all my listings… :cold_sweat:

Anyway, if Ilja does not scold us for OT :grin: … well, I have to say that my inventory is quite large. First of all, I work with an associate. We do business on eBay, but not only, outside I do mine and he does him. Our code is like “CAD123”. First letter means if that specific items is from us ©, from me (F) or from him §. Second letter is shelf, third is box (and each shelf has about 20 or more boxes); inside box there are n (123 or more) sheets or objects. This title code is absolutely necessary when I sell an item. In order section I see the code at the end of the title, so I know exactly whose that item (first letter) and I can very quickly reach and package it (f.e. CAD123 means main archive>shelf A>box C>sheet 123). On the other hand, I use SKU only for accounting, every 16 of month (useless date, but they cannot change my invoicing cycle) I create custom sales reports for specific SKUs (which means for specific consignor, and so it is easier to calculate and divide shares of profit). I hope this could help :slight_smile:

Concerning the filtering, of course you can look for a specific listing also in GS. Top right field of main window, write CAD (for example)>choose “Title”>I will see all listing in that box (or insert a SKU and click on “SKU” and you have all listing from that specific consignor). I hope you will find my english comprehensible :sweat_smile:


I like your numbering system :wink: But I still don’t see why you can’t use the same code for both SKU and title or what’s the difference between them?

I wish I knew how to generate meaningful sales reports, as you do. I’m in the weeds there.

So far, that’s not working for me, I don’t know why… Can I start another topic with you later? I’m too busy to concentrate on this today :slight_smile:

turns up nothing…

Thank you :slight_smile:

The reason is only one: speed. SKU is in advanced window and modifying that field every time requires more time than writing only the code at the end of title (and if you have to modify SKU for each listing it’s easy to forget :grin: ). So, just one example, I have 50 items from consignor X, I create the first listing with SKU=X, then cmd-D, cmd-D, cmd-D… 50 times, so I have 50 listing ready to be modified, but just title, photo and description and little else (like choosing the right shipping profile for weight). SKU is still X and I don’t touch it any more. I work with specific stock, so not 1 postcard from X, 1 book from Y and 1 coin from Z… I took all items from X and I do all. I know it could sound strange, but in my opinion it is the fastest way to list great quantity in less time possible (and also the easiest way to avoid forgetting SKU). That’s not all. When you have an order ready to be dispatched, it is easier reading title code instead of looking for SKU. SO difference between SKU and title code is: SKU for accounting, TITLE CODE for inventory.

Of course, we will do! Just an advice: write BEV as you did and then click on hand lens (just on the left of BEV). It should open a scrolling bar, choose SKU and it’s a done deal (I hope! :grin: if not, of course we will start another topic, but now it’s time to dinner for me :yum:).

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening (I don’t know which :sweat_smile:)

Thanks fedege96 -

I didn’t know about the pull down! duh And since I have a unique number for each item BEV_001, BEV_002 etc. searching “BEV” returns nothing :slight_smile:

I’m just coming back to selling AND being on mac again. I really did all this “on the fly” and made a lot of mistakes (and learned a lot). I know I could be using GarageSale more powerfully.

Thanks for your help - I appreciate it!

PS, do you mind sending me a link to one of your sales?