Good 'till canceled - How to use this option

I would like to make some of my listings good till cancelled, but I saw I have to use my server to do that. Unfortunately I am not very familiar with servers and stuff, can I use my work iCloud to do so or my Dropbox ( I prefer not to use Dropbox because I want to stop paying for it soon). I also have a Time Capsule, can I use that? And most importantly - how? :smiley: Thanks a lot!

You don’t have to use your own image server to use the GTC option!
You just can’t use the FREE GarageSale picure service for GTC listings. However, you can purchase the “GTC image option” in the Preferences > eBay > eBay Images if you want to use GarageSales picture service with your GTC listings.
Please also see the help here:
(Please scroll down to “GTC Image Option”.)

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