Group Repricing No Longer Works

When I try to reprice a group of items with an identical price, it appears to work, but then when opening the individual description, the old price is still reflected. Suggestions?

Are you referring to the Listing mode or to a different mode?

Also, did you already discover how the bulk editing feature works? Please see the help here:

Regards, Kristian

Kristian - Thanks for the info. Interestingly, Until this past weekend, I have been doing a version of Bulk Editing that I will try to explain here.

When I select a folder on the left column, the center column shows all the items in the selected folder. Then I highlight a number of the listings in the center column (that already have Starting Bids set). Once selected, I can than input a new Starting Bid. The Starting Bid reflected in the center column doesn’t change immediately. To that I have to resort all the items in the center column, after that the new Starting Bid is reflected in the center column. If I were to select any of the individual listings, the new Starting Bid is reflected in the individual listing.

My problem is that every thing seems go perfectly well, until I view the individual listing. When I look at the individual listing the Starting Bid reverts back to the original amount.

I hope that helps to understand the problem.

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions you might have.

I see, thank you for your feedback.
I just tried it here but after bulk-editing the Starting bid in the Inspector (and resorting the center view) the individual listing show the correct starting bid. So it works like expected here.

Do you maybe have listings selected that use another eBay site or another currency?

Regards, Kristian

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