Groups - Nesting & Ordering

Is there a way to nest smart and/or regular folders? A post about a year ago indicated not… but I was hoping I’d overlooked some update on this type of task.

Is there a way to sort the listings that are in the already created folder? I can’t find a way to do it except manually (which is not something I can spend time on when I’m listing 100s of items). This is an important function because it’s incredibly difficult to note if an item has already been listed or not without the ability to sort.


Do you mean change the order of smart groups/folders alphabetically or with other automatic way? If so, not possible…

You can do in this way. Select the folder, all listings inside appears as a list or images-list in the middle of GS. Then order listings by clicking the top bar line (like price, quantity sold, time left, …). In this way you will be able to see in the top/bottom this listings you are looking for. Pay attention that this method does not actually reorder listings inside the folder, but might help you to catch those you are looking for. There are no way (as far as I know) to reorder “physically” listings inside a smart group/folder

Yes, just right-click on the folder and select “Sort by …”.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks for the sorting advice fedeg96 - works perfectly! I always forget I can sort in that middle part.

About nesting… no, what I mean is… well, as an example, I have 2 ebay accounts, so in the orders section, I’d like to have a folder (smart or otherwise) that houses the “waiting for payment,” “waiting to be shipped,” etc. smart groups for each ebay account. I know I can add the seller account to each individually in the listings section, but would be nice to have them in one folder so it’s easier to immediately recognize… but in the orders section, it’s not even possible to make a distinction between accounts in the individual smart groups (that I can find anyway).

Thanks, Kristian, but I tried that and there’s no doin’ it. The sort options are greyed out for the pre-existing listings folder. Am I doing something wrong?

Could it be that you’re referring to smart groups, not to “normal” groups?
Items in smart groups can’t be sorted so far.

Regards, Kristian

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