GS 6.9.8 - Apple Script - Get quantity sold?

Ok, I know, using GS 6.9.8 anymore is not really recommended. But I will continue using it for a few months until I switched all to GS 7, promised…

But until then, I would be glad for a tip how to get the quantity sold within a transaction through apple-script??? The parameter “quantity” is not available within the “transactions”-part in the applescript documentation. So how can I get the sold amount through applescript???

To clarify: As far as I can see, I can only read out the value “quantity”, which is the initial total quantity available.
And I can read out the value “quantity sold”, which means ALL items of that auction that were sold. But not the quantity of items that were sold in one specific transaction.

So if I set the initial quantity to 10 i have:
Quantity: 10
Quantity sold: 0

If a buyer buys 2, i have
Quantity: 10
Quantity sold: 2

If another buyer then buys 3, I have:
Quantity: 10
Quantity sold: 5
because the total quantity sold is five.
But I want to get how many the last buyer bought (3)!

I may do a few simple calculations normally to get that value, I know. But It is not so easy in my special setup, trust me. So can I read out somehow how many the last buyer bought?

That’s a slight understatement. GS 6 cannot list anymore at all.

Sorry, if it’s not currently in the AppleScript dictionary, you are out of luck.

And thats a bit of an overstatement :slight_smile: We are listing about 1150 items with GS 6 at the moment. Works well. But I know we should leave 6 and grow up to 7, o.k…
But thanks for your fast response.
Is the “sold items” value part of the Apple Script dictionary in 7?

I see. You are only using URL-images. Fair enough…

Yes, you only get ‘quantity’, ‘quantity sold’ and ‘quantity left’. But since GS 7 uses the new Orders object to track sales, you might need to adjust your workflow considerably.

I need to rewrite all our Apple Script connections and several other code we use (GUI scripting and such…) - thats the reason why we still use GS6…
BTW: Do you see a chance to directly manipulate the JSON Data of a saved template through Filemaker Pro 16, which has a JSON parser?

To reply to myself: I just had a look at the export file of GS7 with text wrangler: The JSON file looks odd to me… Some parts are understandable (“privateListing”:0,“eBayPlusEnabled”:0,"…) some are kind of odd with those storage key things… ("“reservePrice#storageKey”:"@@sdb-encode/obj/GSAmount/1FB5C0CE-EF05-4847-9A5F-F7FA1C807644","" and some are just nothing with sense for me… (“listingDescriptionRTFData#data”:“e1xydGYxXGFuc2lcYW5zaWNwZzEy…”).
Is there a documentation for that?

I don’t know. I have no clue about FileMaker whatsoever. Also, maybe the XML format is easier to handle.

Actually you are not supposed to fiddle with that. :wink:

A listing consist of several objects, which are stored in as separate JSON dictionaries. Those storageKeys are just pointers to different objects in the same JSON file, just do a search for the UUID part. That’s pretty easy to figure out.

This is a Base64 encoded representation of the description RTF data. Not very complicated, but maybe not so easy to deal with from within FileMaker.

Thanks for the clarification. It will be worth a try…If I have any interesting progress sometimes in the future; I will share that :slight_smile:

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