GS 7.0.13 warns to add product details

The last two times I’ve relisted some old Atari games, GS 7.0.13 has given me warnings about adding product details from the eBay catalog, but I’ve already done so. Even if I go to the product detail section, perform the search again and re-add the product info, I still get the warning.

The listings upload fine anyway, but I was wondering why I’m getting this warning when I’ve already selected the product details properly.

After further investigation, it appears GS 7.0.13 gives the product details error if I leave the “Include stock photo” checkbox unchecked in the product details section, even if “Include product info” is checked. I usually don’t include a stock photo since I always put several photos of the actual product I’m selling in the listing. Is this working as intended? I never used to receive this error in the past when listing auctions. Thanks for your time.

Can you please export a listing you get this warning for and send it to us for investigation?

Sure thing, I’ll upload a listing that gives the error with this reply.

Atari 2600 CROSSBOW (1988) - NEW FACTORY (1.4 MB)

I was able to reproduce this warning.
I have no idea why eBay returns it, unfortunately, maybe they changed something on their system.

Even activating the “Include stock photo” checkbox didn’t help here.

However, for now you could let GarageSale ignore the warning and start the listing anyway. Right-click on the warning text and select “ignore”.

Regards, Kristian

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