GS 7.0.14b4 - Apple script - get quantity sold for orders?

So as suggested in an older thread, i will move to GS7 with my whole work. I started to update the Applescript parts today. But now i ran into a problem: The ebay order or ebay order transaction suite does not contain the quantity sold value, so I can´t automatically receive the quantity sold through the orders page of GS7. I can´t even access this info when I have activated an order, it seems that info is only available when i activate a listing.
Any chance that the “quantity sold” value will make its way to the order transaction suite??? Please… :star_struck:

I added a “quantity sold” AppleScript property to the order and order transaction object in this build:

Hope this helps.

Incredible !!!

Works perfect!
Helps A LOT in my case!!!

Me again: All worked fine so far, so if anybody needs assistance how to get the order data through AppleScript to anywhere else, let me know:-) I will share my AppleScripts and how to use them with FileMaker if needed.
I will start a new topic with another requests now :slight_smile:

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