GS 7.0.15 crash after refreshing all orders and VERY odd order refresh

Odd situation:
A customer ordered 2 seperate items. After ordering both, he did send for each of those items the request for combined shipping. I sent the info for those items.
Now since then, with every single check of GS for new sold items (every 5 minutes), it loads displays the seperate items as fresh sold. Every now and then, GS crashes after that (crash report was sent).
I now have four entries in GS: Both single items as single orders that refresh every five minutes as if they were new orders, always placed on top of the list.
And two orders that appear with BOTH sold items together (for the combined shipment), one with the date he bought the items (29.8.) and asked for the combined shipping, and one marked as a day later when I did send the payment info.


When I click on them so that they are marked as “read” (Shopping cart gets “white” instead of gray), it gets gray again after five minutes / refreshing…

I tried to start GS holding the ctrl key and enable “Find orphaned listings”, “Auto-repair corrupt database” and “Rebuilt indexes”. No change.

I tried simply to delete the two orders - they reappear five minutes later…

I have four order numbers:


for the single items in the list.


for the two orders that appear with the two single items in one order.

How do I get rid of the always reappearing/refreshing orders???

Heres a crash log:crashlog.txt (76.8 KB)

After 10 days, the transaction could be canceled. Now the annoying repeating order message is gone…

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