GS 7.0.18 (854) crashing on startup

Last night at some point when some scheduled listings were being launched, there was a crash of GS 7.0.18. Since then, it has been crashing shortly after launch. I’ve just finished repairing the database, and it has crashed again twice.

I’ll need to somehow recover the state so I can get back to work ASAP. And of course I’ve done a Safe Boot/cleanup of the host machine, and made sure everything is up to date (though it is an older Mac mini, and limited to High Sierra).

Should I attempt any other debug/repair operations before trying to recover a Time Machine version of the database?

I have been using GS to manage 4000+ active listings without a hitch for many months, but this has me dead in the water today.

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Oooh, this is very odd, but might be informative:

I just launched Garage Sale (same version) on my laptop, and it also crashed shortly after launch.

When was this release sent out, and could the problem be a regression in 7.0.18 (854) that you might have missed?

Otherwise, since these two versions of GS are not synced to one another, could the problem be a “poisoned” response from some eBay API that both are receiving?

I am having the same problem today. I was able to get it to stay open by moving the garagesale7.plist, resubmitting my name and password and then moving the plist back into place. Image placement is not working for me however and it has gone back to crashing.

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My wife’s desktop machine is running 7.0.13 (827), and when queried it says that version is up to date. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On my laptop (version 7.0.18 (854)) l can reproducibly keep GS open for as long as I like as long as WiFi (= all network access) is disabled. If I launch 7.0.18 (854) on my laptop with WiFi enabled, it crashes. However, it does not crash (immediately) if I disable WiFi, then re-enable it after a 5-minute hiatus.

Can we can assume that some network traffic 7.0.18 (854) is initiating after launch—getting API info from eBay or—is causing the problem? And does that network traffic perhaps have a time-out, so that it doesn’t actually get re-triggered after the initial warm up period?

In any case, I will see if I can launch my crucial GS install (the one with the actual listings) with network disabled, and then try to downgrade from there.

I also have shown that “Check for Updates” is not the culprit, since the crash still occurs when this is unselected but network access is still there.

Same thing here. And it’s the first issue I have had in YEARS of running this program! I hope it gets fixed soon. What do I need to do?

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Exact same problem – began this morning (Sunday, September 8).

Crashing upon startup with message in error report reading:

** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘*** -[__NSArrayM insertObject:atIndex:]: object cannot be nil’

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Mine is also crashing this morning on this version of GS. It runs for about 10 seconds and then closes. Same error as above.

Updates, which it’d be good to confirm:

If I disable the network and launch the app, it seems to be stable.

In that isolated state, I’ve opened preferences and disabled all the network traffic I can find:

  • check for updates OFF
  • eBay > Advanced > update messages > NEVER
  • Orders > Update Orders and Listings > NEVER

The app seems to be stable for a long time.

Even with the network active again.

However, I can’t determine which of those, if any, actually triggers a crash. Could somebody experiencing the crashes please check?

That is: confirm the network isolation protects the app, and then check whether the background checks disabled in Prefs protects with the network on, and then which (if any) kills the app when triggered?

NOTE: it’s very sluggish with the network disabled. I suspect it’s struggling to find stuff in the background and failing. But it hasn’t crashed yet.

Starting to think the problem is in the Messages download(s). Anybody else?

I unplugged ethernet cable, GS started and stayed running.

Disabled the three updates, stopped, plugged in, started and stayed running.

Enabled check for updates, stop, start, running.

Enabled messages, stop, start, running.

Enabled orders, stop, start, CRASH.

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I am taking a few minutes to get today’s listings launched before another experiment, but the thing I’ll check first is whether I can safely update an order or listing manually.

(I can use GS for managing and launching listings without touching Orders, if I need to)

With all three network tasks disabled (Check for Updates, Listings & Orders, Messages) I was able to launch the app, edit and update listings, and launch those listings.

I also got push notifications about a new transaction (which is interesting because it’s not supposed to be checking)… and then suddenly it crashed. Which seems like a problem, too.

I am using GS 7.0.18 (854) as well, I am having the same issue. GS cannot stay open with default settings more than a minute without crashing. I have disabled the 3 preference settings people have mentioned and GS has been running for several minutes without a crash. I certainly hope this gets fixed soon. This obviously has something to do with the latest version, I have a Macbook running the previous version that I use infrequently and GS is stable on that machine. I have attached the crash report text file.
Incident Identifier.txt (66.6 KB)

Help! It keeps crashing within seconds…and I need to list all my things tonight on eBay!

I’m having the same problem. Will try turning off the wifi and disabling all the things mentioned above, in order to get my listings up. But this needs to be fixed, pronto.


Mine is seemingly stable now with the three network tasks turned off but interestingly my GTC picture image option is not working if I try to start a new listing.

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I can’t change anything for it crashes within 3 seconds of starting…help…isn’t anyone from Garage Sales on here???

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Confirming Vaguery’s test. Thank you for this at least temporary fix.

I have done the same, disabling all three items. Program is open, seemingly stable, and currently uploading today’s listings.


Unplug your network connection first (turn off wi-fi, disconnect ethernet cable).
Open GarageSale and turn off the three items.
Reconnect your internet and you should be up and running.
Good luck, and thanks again to Vaguery.

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It’s self-preservation, with 5000+ manually-constructed listings in the db :slight_smile: