GS 7 Beta 19 lost most of my auctions after crash

I have a lot of my auctions in folders not shown whilst I was working on others adding MPN and barcodes.
After a crash trying to update a variation I noticed all of my auctions in the closed folders are gone. Ie all my closed folders are now empty…

Is there a way to get them back as I have done a lot of updates (100s) and do not want to have to do them all again…

I have approx 700 items.

Download 17 or 18 and open the file, it should find you existing Garage Database and show your stuff again.

I had the same issue with 19 and I just went back to the previous version.

I tried that but still not luck…Only the ended auctions where shown…

I bit the bullet and started all over again with v18. Seems much more stable.

Sorry to hear that our application has caused trouble. Do you perhaps have a time machine backup from the time before the crash you could revert to?

Did you create all these listings in the very GarageSale session that finally crashed? Or where these older listings, that were already present when you started GarageSale before the crash?

I also only got my listings that have ended on the garagesale, I tried to go back to 18 version but there still not there. I have to many listings to redo is there anyway this will be sorted out and got back my listings as it took me a long time to do them listings?

I too have lost many listings with 19. But before installing the B19 I made a back-up, recommend to all users of the Beta to always make a backup before upgrading the version.
It is not a stable release, so you should make back up even daily if possible.

I know I should have but to late now already cost me loads of money this weekend not sure where to even start to put things right to much to do. What a good bank holiday this turned out to be lol

I went from GS 6 straight to 7Beta19. After loosing a days work, I done it all again on Beta 18 and have not have any major issues at all. I would recommend taking down beta 19 as it is too unstable and stick with 18 at the moment. I agree with LSCAL71, just wasted a good holiday…lol

PS. Time machine did not help as I tried loading the older version earlier in the day as still had lost all the auctions.

I know it will take me months to get back to square one not happy, I only went to gs7 cause I could list anything cause couldn’t add codes. It was bad enough having to change as it was let alone cost me a months worth of work I already done think I going to pub to get drunk now lol

I’m really sorry about hearing you guys are loosing data. Can you share some more details, so we can track the source of the problem down:

  • Did you loose only loose particular listings or are complete folders gone?
  • Is there anything in common about the lost listings?
  • Do you switch back to an earlier beta version of having run into crashes with beta 19?

In my case, I lost a lot of listings, my listings are identical, changing only the image and the title, and you are lost randomly in various categories.
I switched to B18 but have not reappeared.
Having a back-up done first upgrade, I used that with B18

All my auctions have gone just replaced with auctions that have ended what I do not use anymore, they just seem to of vanished, I tried to go back to 18 for still can not retrieve them. I just hope I not got to start from scratch as I have added so many listings since I was false to upgrade cause of not being able to add listings on garagesale 6 cause they had variations.

Maybe you should import all from eBay

Yeah tried that but all the settings change for all the listings and I need to go through everyone individually and change them back to original. Its a nightmare to be honest, I don’t know why they change as they listed on eBay on original settings.

I can redo the whole lot but it just the time it going to take I have not got the time to sort it out. I nearly at the point in buying a computer other than mac just to have a proper listing programme that doesn’t cost me all this money I losing

We finally figured out what’s causing the missing listings issue in GarageSale beta 18 or 19 . See for a little background information below.

Unfortunately, unless you have a backup of your GarageSale’s library in place, there is no way for us to bring back your lost listings. Please upgrade as soon as possible to Beta 20, as it contains a safety net for listings that are “marked for deletion” but haven’t been deleted yet.

A little technical background

Each object (e.g. Listing, Shipping Options, Payment Options) in GarageSale’s database uses a “reference counter” to track the number of other objects it is owned by. If this reference count drops to zero, which means there are no other objects still owning it, an object is marked for deletion and removed from the database at same later point in time.

To speed up working with large number of objects, we moved this reference count from an object’s record to a special place in the database with GarageSale Beta 19. Thus the reference count can be modified without loading an object into memory, speeding up many operations.

When loading objects written by an older beta version, Beta 19 automatically moved the reference count from the object record to this reference count section in the database.

Unfortunately we didn’t anticipate that Beta 19 contained another, unrelated bug. This bug caused our users to switch back to GarageSale Beta 18.

Since Beta 18 is too old to know know about the new special section in the database for reference counts, it assumed and restored a reference count of zero in the database record for loaded objects. By doing so, it marked loaded items for deletion and in some cases deleting them immediately.

Switching back to Beta 19 does not remedy the situation, as it prioritizes the wrong reference count saved by Beta 18 over the older entry in the reference count database. So effected listings stayed marked for deletion.

After we were able to replicate this issue, we added a safety net in Beta 20: If a listing is loaded with a reference count of zero, its reference count will be automatically changed to one to prevent automatically deletion.

Lessons learned

We need to thing about a way to prevent users from switching back to older beta version if we know that a database schema might render them incompatible.

If you are using the GarageSale Beta version in production, you should absolutely make sure you have a working backup system in place. The $50 for a external USB back drive are well spent.