GS 7 beta Problems…

I’ve finally given in and downloaded GS7 beta 10 (729).
Under Orders, I apparently have 536 items Waiting for Payment, going back to 2012. This is not correct.
Under Listings, I’m working 3 folders deep within the My Templates folder. Because each sub-folder is inset so much, when I have the Inspector panel open on the right, I only have a working width of a few inches in the centre of the screen. The folders & subsequent sub-folders on the left need to be inset much less than they currently are.
Some of my items are showing with a grey dashed border, even though they have completed and are not new, prepared listings.
On the toolbar, the tool-tip ‘Editor Mode’ shows whether I’m hovering over the Editor, Preview or Live button.
On the text editor toolbar, the hand symbol is used to denote ‘Insert HTML Link’. This should surely be a chain link symbol as used in many other text editors.
Under ‘Accounts - PayPal tab’ I have messages going back to 2012. These have to be deleted 1 by 1 - what a waste of time. It should be possible to delete these in bulk!
I haven’t had Flash Player crash on me as frequently as it does in GS 6.9.7, but GS 7 has crashed for no apparent reason dozens of times.


I see the same “Waiting For Payment” Issue.

Thank you.

Thanks for giving it a try. We really appreciate the time you are putting into this.

If possible, please send us your GarageSale 6 library, so we can find out what’s causing the difference. See the bottom of this post for instructions.

What kind of screen are you using? The inset is determined by the width of the icons and the size of the label, which are both bigger than in GarageSale 6, but on pair with other OS X apps, e.g. Apple’s Mail.

If you are using the preview mode, we made more sub panel accessible from the preview itself, so there’s less reason to keep the inspector open - which should give you some space.

One again, your GarageSale 6 library would be very helpful. And a short list of listing, which have differing states in both GarageSale version.

Noted, thanks.

We’ll discuss this with our designer.

Sorry, not sure I got this one. Are you talking about deleting eBay messages or PayPal transactions?

We are not sure what’s causing this, but I guess we’ll turn off Flash by default and add a new Preference to enable it for users that need it.

Thanks for the comprehensive feedback,

How to send us your GarageSale 6 library

Your GarageSale 6 library is contained in file called GarageSale.sqlite. Depending on whether your are using the GarageSale version from the iwascoding website, or the version sold in the Mac App Store, the location of the GarageSale.sqlite file differs.

If you are using the GarageSale version from the iwascoding website, the GarageSale.sqlite file is in your home directory under Library/Application Support/GarageSale.

If you are using the GarageSale version sold in the Mac App Store, the GarageSale.sqlite file is in your home directory at Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale/Data/Library/Application Support/GarageSale

If there’s no Library folder visible in your home directory, open your home directory folder and choose ‘View’ > ‘View Options’ from the Finder’s menu bar and enable the option to show the Library folder.

Once you have located the GarageSale.sqlite file, right click it and choose ‘Compress GarageSale.sqlite’, which produces a file.

If this file is below 50 MByte, you can send it to us via e-mail.

If your e-mail is registered with iCloud and you are using Apple’s mail application, you can still send it to us via e-mail as Apple’s AirDrop technology should work around common e-mail size limitation.

If it’s bigger, please use DropBox or some other similar service to send it to us.

The good news: Thanks to Brian sending in his library we were able to fix another round of bugs in the importer. The smart groups in GS 7 now show almost identical numbers to GS 6. The fix will be in Beta 12, which we’ll plan to ship tomorrow.

The bad news: You have delete your GS 7 library once again to re-run the import process.

1/ Using the Textile background, Inspector panel > Advanced, the Buyer Requirements link is faulty.
For a start it states:- Buyer Requirem.: instead of the full wording Buyer Requirements: and secondly, the link for this does not work - it’s currently showing as 3 Requirements and I can’t change it.

2/ Inspector panel > Properties > Colors (American spelling - UK is Colours!), both my sub-title and payment instructions are showing as a shade of purple. I’d like to change these to black. I click in the 1st colour well and select a colour. There are no ‘Traffic Lights’ on the top-left of the panel to close it (as many other pop-up panels have), so I click outside the panel to close it. I then select the next (payment instructions) colour well and change the colour. But in doing so, the previous change is lost and my sub-title is purple again whilst my payment instructions are black. Every new colour change undoes the previous one!

3/ I’m told that I can start only 3 auctions, as I haven’t entered a License Code (Licence in UK). I don’t have a GS7 License Code to enter. It’s still in Beta and is therefore not a chargeable item - the License Code should not be required at this stage.

GS7 beta 11 (730)

GS 7 beta 13 (732)

1/ Buyer Requirements in the Advanced Inspector panel are still not selectable
2/ I apparently still have 537 items waiting for payment (not true) going back to 2012
3/ The date order under Orders is completely erratic and illogical
4/ Check for Updates… doesn’t work. I’m told I have the latest version. I have to use the link from this forum

Will be fixed with Beta 14.

Have you done a re-import with Beta 13? I just re-imported your GS 6 data, and the “Waiting for Payment” smart group in the Orders section only shows a single entry. I have added a “Not refunded” rule, though.

Will be fixed with beta 14.

Strange. I just downgraded to Beta 9 and it upgraded to Beta 13 without problems.

I’m getting hacked-off with all this now!!!

I’ve just updated to GS 7 beta 14 (734) from the link on this forum as the Check for Updates … link within GS doesn’t work. It tells me I already have the newest version.
I followed the instructions about exporting my data etc, but I apparently still have 514 items Waiting for Payment going back to October 2012! I have 5 items Ready to Ship, despite marking them all as Dispatched last week and I’m told I’ve received feedback for 3 items even though feedback for 1 of those items was actually received a month ago!
In GS 6.9.7 I have 3 auctions in my Imported from My eBay folder. These do not appear anywhere in GS 7.
In GS 6.9.7 I have 28 items in the My Auctions folder. In GS 7 b14 I have 39 unallocated items - they appear beneath the Imported Auctions folder, which is empty.
In GS 6.9.7 I have a report for the month of December 2015. It shows 7 items, 3 of which completed in December and 4 completed in January. In GS 7 b14, the report for the same time period shows only 2 of the items that completed in December and 1 of the items that completed in January. Despite having exactly the same settings, the GS 6.9.7 report shows its items with PayPal fees while the GS7 beta 14 report has the PayPal fees column blank. I’ve tested the PayPal connection within GS 7 and it reports a successful connection.
GS 6 had faults a-plenty but all these faults and errors in this version combine to make GS 7 completely unworkable for me.

I tried once again with b13, and the built-updater works correctly for me. Are you perhaps denying GarageSale access to the website through a firewall application, e.g. Little Snitch?

I re-run the GarageSale 6 on your database you sent me about 2 weeks ago. I’m getting only a single item in the Waiting For Payment smart group? Are you sure, you have re-run the GarageSale 6 import with beta 14 by deleting the GarageSale 7 folder from Library/Containers ?

GarageSale 7 no longer offers the data type “Auction”. We import your auctions from GS 6 into the “Imported Auctions”, because this data is still contains your listings fee.

One again, I’m getting completely different results with your data set:

Could you please sent me the current version of your database containing this report, so we can investigate where the difference comes from?

1/ I don’t have Little Snitch installed. I have GaragePay, GarageSale 6 & GarageSale 7 all set to allow incoming connections. It’s only GS 7 that will not update either from the GS menu or Preferences…
2/ I have followed your instructions about renaming the GS 7 folder and re-imported my GS database, as seen in pictures below…

But still I apparently have over 500 items Waiting for Payment. GS 6 shows the true figure…

3/ The 3 auctions in my Imported from My eBay folder (GS 6) do not show in the Imported Auctions in GS 7.

4/ You’re getting completely different results from my data set because you’re not looking at my data set! Unless that picture is NOT supposed to be my data. I do not have an American Flag over White… a First Day - Declaration of In… or a First Day 4 cent Flying Eagl…

I’ve just noticed that all the items I’ve marked as Dispatched in GS 7 are showing as Not Dispatched in eBay. This will possibly affect my Seller Ranking and get me marked down…

Maybe it’s some kind of caching issue, that you are running into. We’ll have a look and see if there’s some kind of cache involved we could turn off.

Sorry, I thought I was looking at your data. Seems I was mistaken. Can you please me us your current GarageSale.sqlite file for debugging? Depending on the size of the compressed file, uploading it to Dropbox might work best. You could sent me the link to that file via private message.