GS 7 does not recognize newly imported pictures

GS7 does not recognize newly imported pics. On my macbook my newly uploaded pics are in my “last imported” folder but on GS7 they are nowhere to be found. I have to manually drag and drop them to my auctions which is quite time consuming. I have “reloaded” my “libraries” on GS7 but it still doesn’t show freshly uploaded pics. Any help? Never had this problem until this upgrade.

I’m sorry, but there’s not much we can do about this issue.

Apple’s doesn’t offer an official widget to access the contents of your Photos or iPhoto library. Therefore we are using a third-party, open source component called “iMediaBrowser” for displaying the library contents.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t send a notification upon library changes, which iMediaBrowser could use to re-load its content. What’s even more unfortunate is that even manually reparsing doesn’t solve this, because Apple’s application do not instantly update the files iMediaBrowser reads, when your photo library changes.

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