GS 7 glitch for reveiw

Hi. Am coming across a few odd glitches on what otherwise is a fantastic product. Will submit them for your review, as and when I come across them. Here’s one I noticed today:

“If a buyer pays for two auction lots on the same invoice, only the first lot is recognised under the ‘Ready to Ship’ tab. The remaining lot just doesn’t appear”.


Thanks for bringing this up, as I have also noticed this glitch.

I have a smart folder with the parameters “Status is complete” and “shipped is yes”. I use the info found here in the orders section to make note of the eBay and PayPal fees for each sold and shipped item for a given week. (Almost everything I sell is on consignment for other people so I have to look at and deduct fees for each item sold)

Every now and then a multi-order will show up properly there with all of the separate items able to be viewed, but usually only one item from the order shows up, even though they were paid for and shipped together. If I try to go to the auctions/ live view to look at one of these missing items, the color code is solid green since it sold, but under “orders” in the inspector tab it is completely empty. Somehow it isn’t registering these multi-order items correctly. That means I have to go to eBay and manually look up the fees for each of those items.

Hopefully there will be a fix soon!

Another glitch for attention.

Each listing you make shows the insertion cost. In my case, GS shows an insertion fee of £0.28.

Except that isn’t the case. On you receive 20 free listings per month (50 on .com) and I get charged zero by eBay, other than upgrade and final value fees.

So I’m unsure why GS is indicating I’ll be paying an insertion fee when that isn’t the case…?

Sorry, we don’t calculate the insertion fees ourselves. Instead, we really on eBay on the data we receive when listing.

Unfortunately eBay is incapable of taking into account their own promotions and rules, which leaves GarageSale with incorrect data.

Can you post a few screenshots so we can better understand the issue. You can also use the private message feature of this forum to send those screenshots privately.

Understood. Thanks for clarifying.

Hi Ilja

Here’s the view from eBay showing two listings paid together:

Here’s the view from within GS:

Two weird things happening here:

  1. The first listing (Canada 1935…) doesn’t appear at all within the GS orders screen, even though it is clearly shown as sold within eBay.

  2. The GS screen is taking the value of the listing that isn’t displayed and showing it incorrectly against the listing that is shown. Within eBay, the sale is for US $3.75 (correct). Within GS the sale is for US $2.00 (incorrect)…the value of the item not shown.

Hope this helps!


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