GS 7 Listing Pane redraw is SLOW on macOS 10.14

I just upgraded my 4 GHz 32 GB iMac to macOS 10.14.2 Mojave. See photo of About Box.

GS 7 left side listing pane redrawing is SLOW. TOO SLOW to be useable…

See movie below. Scrolling is in real-time using the scroll wheel, or page-up and page-down buttons.

GS 8b4 works fine.

GS 7 is still my “production” version as I was going to wait until after XMas to change to GS 8b4…



And attempting to drag-n-drop a listing is unusable… :frowning:


OK… I just went ahead and upgraded to GS8b4 for production… :flushed:


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Run the “Sample” command from the Activity View utility while you are scrolling might provide some insights why this is happening.

Here ya go…

Scrolling and paging-up or paging-down really is unusable…
It also pegs the WindowServer process at 100%+ CPU usage.

Just started when I upgraded to macOS 10.14.2 from 10.13.6 which worked fine.
iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015)
4 GHz Intel Core i7
32 GB 1867 MHz DDR3
iMac SSD
AMD Radeon R9 M395 2048 MB

I have moved onto v8 which works good, but maybe this will show something in v7 that can also be optimized in v8??? :slight_smile:


GarageSale 7.0.17b1 (645.0 KB)

There is something wrong with the re-drawing of the outline view cells, but from the samples you sent, I don’t know what’s causing it.

GarageSale spends it’s time in some system library calls that probably have to do with animations (hence your window server being at 100%), and almost no time in our own code.

Why this is happening in GarageSale 7 and not in GarageSale 8 is beyond me. The mechanism for drawing the outline view is the same, the only difference being that they are linked against different versions of the SDK.

Hi Ilja,

“There is something wrong with the re-drawing of the outline view cells”

Yep! Exactly. :slight_smile:


I also tried to turn ON “Reduce motion” in the Accessibility General System Preferences. No difference.

Then on a hunch… Just now, I turned OFF “Reduce transparency” in the Accessibility General System Preferences, and BINGO! it works just fine.

So… If I turn ON “Reduce transparency” on macOS 10.14 the GS 7 SLOW drawing occurs!!! No difference with GS 8.

“linked against different versions of the SDK”

Sounds like bug in the older SDK, or macOS or my particular video card driver to me.

I’m surprised no one else has reported this behavior, but maybe nobody turns ON “Reduce transparency”???


I was really going with the upgrade to Mojave some days ago, then read your message and had some doubts… anyway this morning I will start to work on two machines, the iMac has Mojave and will check if it happens also to me. Until now I worked with transparency ON with Sierra and no problems at all… let’s check later. Anyway this is not the first time I hear about app problems due to transparency…

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