GS 8.1 not auto-updating new categories

Happens about once a month when the Category 1 on ALL my listings changes to “Unknown”.

I then have to choose the Category popup from a listing and select the “Update Categories” menu item from the Gear/Sprocket menu. It then updates categories and they all revert/change from “Unknown” back to their normal/correct categories.

So… the Category auto-updating (when there is a revision/change from eBay) is not working correctly… This has been happening for 2-3-4 months???

I’m using: 8.1b20 (1225) on macOS 10.14.6 (18G4032)


Can you please check if your eBay token that is marked as “Default” in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts is up-to-date?
It should be fine if you was able to start a listing with your default account recently.

Thank you for checking, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

How can I tell if my eBay token is “up-to-date”??? See photo below.

Everything worked fine prior to this.

Once I manually updated the categories, then everything works fine again.


Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 10.51.02 AM

In theory that token should be fine, it’s not that old. Have you been able to start/revise/relist a listing with your default account recently?

Regards, Kristian

Yes, “everything” works great. Quit app. Later that day, or next day, launch app. Try to “start/revise/relist” a listing, and get a STRANGE error! Then I notice the Category is “Unknown”. Do the “Update Categories”, and the category changes from “Unknown” to the correct category and “everything” works great again.

Categories used to “auto-update” when the app started… I THINK they no longer “auto-update”…


I see the same issue frequently.

What error do you get? Is it this one?:
“Keychain Error: There was an error reading your eBay account from your Mac’s Keychain.”

Regards, Kristian

Sorry. Nope, not the Keychain error. Yes, I know I should have taken a screenshot… :slight_smile:

The error is in the Launch Control window when it is doing the Verify.

It is an error regarding a “bad category”, since the category is “Unknown”…

Seems to be a logic error in the “auto-category-updating” code when the eBay category data changes. Only seems to happen when eBay updates their Category data…


This happened to me 1 time after I updated to GS 8 in January. I haven’t seen it since.

This just happened again!

I Quit the GS app earlier today, then this evening (Sunday about 8pm) I re-launched the GS app.

A listing had Sold, so I did a Search for the title, selected the found listing, and clicked the X in the Search field to edit the listing. I do this exact same procedure 20+ times a day…

I then tried to click the "Best Offer + field, and noticed that I could not click it, then I noticed that the Category 1 was set to “Unknown”. Hence, the problem.

So, I clicked the Category 1 “Unknown” popup, and it was “blank”.

I thought I would Verify the Listing…

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 8.20.54 PM

This is the Strange Error I get from the Verify…

Then choose the “Update Categories”, which always “fixes” the problem…

Downloading Categories…

Updated Categories downloaded, and correct Category re-selected automatically.
BUT… Options panel drawing not updated, as Category 1 still says “Unknown”.
AND… Bottom of Category popup window drawing not updated as it is still blank.

Select a DIFFERENT listing and re-select this listing and Category 1 shows correct Category.

I THINK the automatic updating of changed Categories is not fully working correctly…

I am in USA. This could certainly depend on what country you are in and when eBay in that country updates the Categories…


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