GS 8.3 Background Crash when quitting

GS Background Crash when quitting

This is the 3rd time time GS 8.3 has crashed like this in the past few days. I did a Quit application and the Quit/Cancel dialog came up, then I did a Hide GarageSale application to hide the GS app and put it in the background. At some point GS crashes.

On All 3 Crash Report dialogs, I clicked the “Send to Apple” button. When I reopen the GS app, I do NOT get the “app crashed” dialog with an option to send the crash report to iwascoding.

Here is the last crash report.


GS Background Crash.txt (121.3 KB)

Thanks for reporting. We reverted a few changes that could have causes these crashes.

Please let us know if you still see these crashes with the final GS 8.3 release.

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