GS 8 beta: Could we get pinned info?

This week I’d like very much to download and try the latest GS 8 beta (and also to support as much as possible the development efforts). Could we get a pinned message or thread here in the boards to track (1) basic info about GS 8 download, subscriptions, etc, (2) latest version links?

That is, until there is a permanent link on the main website.

I ask because I do not have notifications turned on for this (and many other) support forums, and I tend to miss the initial conversations and lose the threads when they scroll off.

Thank you!

Hi vaguery,

the thread with basic info about GarageSale 8 is available here:

You’ll find the link for the latest beta version there, too.
The GarageSale 8 online manual is already available here:

Hope this helps for now,

Aha. I have bookmarked “Latest”, and so this doesn’t appear at the top of that, just “Top”.

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