GS 8 bug: Design Properties menus for multiple selections

I’ve been working around this for a while, so it may be old, but I recently encountered it again as I make changes to 2000+ listings all at once.

In the Properties tab of the listing editor, we are able to edit various Design Properties, such as Style (a dropdown), Color of various text (a color picker), Sizes (a dropdown), and so on.

The bug: When multiple listings are selected, which have different settings assigned for a given feature, the first option is always shown.

For example, for two listings, one set to L size and one set to XL size, the size menu shows “S” (which is the first item in the menu, and not either of the two selections’ settings).

This also occurs for color: If two items with the same layout have a different color setting, the default color (the first in the picker) is shown.

Correct behavior: Either of two options, depending on your adherence to Apple UI guidelines

  1. Set the dropdown/menu to NONE (an empty setting) when there are conflicting assignments among the selections. This seems to be common in other Mac apps, and it has the strong benefit of letting the user (1) see there is a conflict while (2) letting them assign a single value to all of them
  2. set the dropdown/menu to Multiple options, which seems to be the GS default for items like Best Offer in related panes. This is… not as good, because it means one has to individually select each item searching for the different ones. The Multiple options interface is not responsive.

In any case, a broader consistency would be nice.

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