GS 9: again problems with eBay token

Hi Ilja,
is this something available in the next beta? Do I have to try again instructions above? I am still blocked here. Token of both Macs now get corrupted after some hours. I have to quit the app and reopen to let the token work again (for some hours). I am convinced it has to do with two separated Macs working in the same ebay account with two different databases (NOT synced). Let me know what else I can do please!!!

I am totally stuck with the work. I cannot use auto relist feature because the token expires and no solution seems to be possible. I really need a fix, or I will be forced to downgrade to GS 8, although this might be difficult. This is exactly what worried me before upgrading to 9 version…

That’s something that’s already built-in. You want see an improvement until we release GarageSale 10, and you don’t get the “Keychain permission” panels anymore.

We added even more logging in Beta 19. Hopefully that will give us more insights, what’s going on here.

Thanks will install right now on both Macs.

Let me know if I have to delete the keychain permission or if not necessary since new logging

@fedege96 can you tell me how many items do you have in the Keychain that are called “GarageSale eBay Account”?

Can you tell me if all these items have a prefix called ebay-credentials in the “Where” value of the entry?

Did you ever try to delete all accounts in GarageSale, delete all of these entries in Keychain and authorize all accounts in GarageSale anew?

Hi Paul,

  1. MacBook Pro: 1x
  2. Mac mini: 1x

I only have one account, and yes, I already deleted account. I will do it again: both delete account in preferences + GarageSale eBay Account in the keychain.

Let me know if I can do anything else.

Here is another special version for you test. We rewrote most of the code that saves your eBay access tokens into your Mac’s Keychain. Please let us know how it runs for you and at what point you see errors starting to appear:

@ilja can I install in only in the Mac mini? I need at least one Mac up and running, cannot afford “errors starting to appear”. Thank you

Since we don’t know what the cause of your problems is, we cannot guarantee you that version will immediately show alerts to you. We tested on our Macs, and no issues showed up.

If the version is less usable for you, please go back to Beta 19.

@ilja here we are: Mac mini just checked, there was this warning showing. It says “interaction with user is not allowed”… “good” news?

Schermata 2022-04-28 alle 21.04.47

Thanks for getting back. Did GarageSale continue to work after you dismissed that panel?

Welcome Ilja, I will do anything to fix this issue. I am totally stuck with my work and this is driving me mad.

Yes, until now no crash. At least, when I remotely access to the Mac, GS is running. I don’t know if it crashed before. There is no crash report panel.

Thanks. Beside not crashing, did you have any token issues?

Sometimes the warning appear, until now both Macs seem to work without token issue!

That’s great. The next beta should get rid off the error panel, and it should be smooth sailing from now on.

Thanks Ilja, so has the bug been found?

What’s new in Beta 21

  • fixed a problem that could lead to the loss of an eBay token until GarageSale was restarted

We could not actually reproduce this, but we assume that your Mac did fall asleep and the Keychain will be locked then. Either when you awake your Mac or during a “power nap” backup GarageSale wants to update the token. But as the Keychain may not properly unlocked at this moment the new token could not be written properly.

But the main thing is everything works now on your side…