GS 9 bug: automatic listings update is broken

the automatic listings update (under preferences > orders > update orders and listings) does not work at all. Please check photos. Let me know if I can send you anything to check.

Time updated only if you close and reopen preferences, does not update if you keep the page opened

Mine seems to be ok after I set it to daily, Federico @fedege96

Hi David,
so is the “15 min.” update timing that does not work? Did you set “every day”?

Yes I did and it does seem to be working. I then usually do a m annual update sometime during the day. Regular updating uses too many resources (for me).

Still an issue with Ebay’s Out of Stock Preferences, but I am getting better at handling it.


I have mine set to 5 minutes. It doesn’t update with any regular basis, usually 7-8 minutes. I am wondering if it takes 2- 3 minutes to run the update and the clock doesn’t show 5 minutes but 7 or 8 depending on how long it takes to run the update.

I will check later today, but in my opinion it has something to do with the token issue I reported in the other thread. After one day, listings have not been updated… let’s see

Yes, the expired token might be the reason for this. @rlmartin can you tell me roughly how long your token is valid (according to the date in the preferences)?

I am not having the token problem that is being reported. My token says aug 7 2023
Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 8.12.31 AM

Me neither, here in the USA.



My token is also fine on

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